Exciting RN Careers for Health Nuts Like You

If you are looking for an exciting career path in the health-care industry, then you should seriously consider becoming a registered nurse. It is a common misconception among the general public that career options of nurses are limited. On the contrary there are several RN careers that one can choose from. Some of the most popular ones are discussed below.

Forensic Nurse

If you are looking to have an exciting career as a nurse, then you should consider being a forensic nurse. As a forensic nurse, you will have the opportunity to provide help to law enforcers to solve cases and provide justice. The job of a forensic nurse include collecting valuable DNA evidence, inspecting injuries and documenting findings for law enforcers and investigators. In some cases, forensic nurses are required to testify in court and to present their findings. The job of a forensic nurse can be very challenging but it can also be very rewarding. Can you imagine the feeling that you will have once you learn that your efforts were able to bring justice to a criminal case? For sure it will be very satisfying.

Mental Health

Mental illness is becoming more and more prevalent. This means that the demand for health workers in this field will increase in the coming years. If you choose to work as mental health nurse, then you will need to work with mental health practitioners such as psychiatrists and psychologists. There are mental health nurses who work in prisons while others do field work by visiting the families and relatives of patients. Needles to say, those who choose to be mental health nurses are expected to have a good amount of patience. This is because dealing with people with mental illness is not the same as dealing with those suffering from mere bodily afflictions.

Traveling Nurse

As a nurse, you don’t have to be stuck in a hospital. There is actually a career option for you that will require you to travel to different places. As a traveling nurse, you will not only have the opportunity to go to different cities in the US, you also have the opportunity to travel to different countries. This is because many parts of the world are lacking when it comes to health care providers. So as a traveling nurse, you will not only be able to travel the world, you will also be able to offer your expertise in areas where it is badly needed.

With the RN careers discussed above do you still think career choices of nurses are limited?

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