Various Exercise Equipment for a Crossfit Gym

If you are planning to start your own Crossfit gym (aka “box”), probably the first thing to ask yourself is what kind of Crossfit exercise equipment you need to get started. Well, this equipment for exercising is much simpler and most often not expensive.

Since the Crossfit that people usually do regularly incorporates functional movements, it makes the right sense to keep it very simple. Most of the equipment most often seen in a Crossfit box are fairly standard and what you would expect to in a garage gym or set up in the basement of a home so they are quite easy to purchase on your own. We have given a general best crossfit exercise equipment list below to get you started, but really there’s a lot more that you can buy over time.

The most common exercises include squats, pull-ups, and pushups. For sit-ups and pushups, and other on-floor workouts, it is recommended to have a nice cushioned mat. These mats are ideal for plyometric and high impact jumping type activities.

Pull-up bars are necessary and important in all Crossfit gyms. It is also good to have a large medicine ball for the squats so that you can determine when you go lower in your squat. The balls are ideal for “wall ball” popular Crossfit exercises, which will make you come out of your squat and throw the ball against a wall normally at ten feet.

Kettlebells are yet important Crossfit exercise equipment that should never miss in a gym. For instance, Russian Kettlebells have been in an existence for a quite long time. The kettlebells are comparable to dumbbells, but provides several unique workouts. Kettle swing is one of the best kettlebell exercises. In this workout, you need to grip the kettlebell tightly with one or both hands between your spread legs and with your arms being straight, swing the bell above your head and then let it drop right down between your legs. You can repeat the process as many times as you want, but remember one can get your heart going.

Another essential part of Crossfit exercise equipments are the small medicine balls. These are used for several different abdominal workouts. They are also used in some most common exercises like slam ball.

A rope hanging from a ceiling is also a popular piece of the Crossfit equipment, usually used for climbing exercises. In addition, box jumps, jump ropes, and boxes for plyometrics are also other necessary equipment to have in a gym.

For heavy push press and squats, you need heavier equipment like the squat rack, which is an Olympic barbell. Finally, for back extensions, considering having a static back rack is an ideal thing to do.

The type of Crossfit exercise equipments to put in a gym is determined by the kind of a gym you want to have. There are those suitable for a home gym and commercial one.

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